Secure Document/Paper Shredding


Arkiva provides secure off-site paper shredding service specializing in compliance with PDPA. Therefore We pride ourselves in protecting your sensitive and confidential information.

While An average office shredder can only shred 15kg of documents per hour. The time taken for the whole process and manpower wasted can be otherwise used elsewhere to improve work efficiency. And most importantly, productivity for your company, not forgetting the maintenance costs of shredding machines.

Arkiva specializes in providing the most secure method of disposing and recycling of your documents. From transportation to the actual destruction process, strict regulations are being adhered to and only trained authorized personnel are allowed to handle the documents.

Meanwhile Our industrial shredder adopts the cross-cut shredding technology which ensures that all documents are being completely destroyed when the process is completed.

And similarly after the destruction process is completed, a certificate of destruction will be issued to you, the shredded remnants will be baled and packed to start the recycling process.



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Scheduled Shredding Service 

You only have to drop confidential documents  into bins.

We collect & shred them for you!

  • Secure lockable bins 

  • Recurring collection 

  • Cut down workload for document disposal 

  • Certificate of destruction 

  • Comply with PDPA 

One Time Documents Disposal

Bulk Shredding  

  • Large quantity document shredding 

  • One stop service 

  • Certificate of destruction 

  • Boxes / gunny sacks provided 


Tailored services to suit various needs We understand that different businesses or individual has different requirements. Contact us for a discussion.